The Yannick Hiwat Quartet(s) is the pre-eminent project featuring Yannick as a frontman.

“The Quartet(s) makes the place where I can spill out my musical and artistic vision with a dreamlike line-up” consisting of:
YHQ Bird

Yannick Hiwat; Lead Violin
Jamie Peet; Drums
Timothy Banchet; Keys
Bill Mookhoek; Bass
Tessel Hersbach; Violin
Mara Tieles; Viola
Susanne Rosmolen; Cello

The YHQ(s) is a band thriving to combine the tradition of the jazz quartet with that of the string quartet in order to innovate both scenes.

Where jazz and improvised music are constantly developing themselves at a rapid pace.
It is the band’s goal to flawlessly blend inspiration from deeply traditional Surinamese and Sub-Saharan African music, Hip Hop in the tradition of the great late J-Dilla, the broad classical music world and the harmonic knowledge achieved through the great minds like John Coltrane who innovated music through out the 20th century. And most of all the stories of the world that inspire us, the news flashes that deserve more attention or those black pages in history books that often get skipped in school.

“The Y.H.Q. is firmly pushing the infinite range of audible colours of the violin into the 21st century.”

-North Sea Jazz Club


The YHQ has been awarded with the 3rd price at the Music Matters Award and has been selected as Duvel Vibes Soul and Jazz Talent 2013.

Currently the band is working on their debut-album about which we will keep you posted…