“Without my beloved instruments I wouldn’t have the possibilities to give a voice to my feelings”

so here is some more information on them.

The six-string violin played by Yannick is the pivotal instrument in the gear Yannick uses. It allows him to play as low as F2  and all the way up to the regular violin register.

Some notes by Eric Aceto, Luthier:

“This instrument , built in 2004, is one of the first 6 string violins I have made. I have always taken inspiration from early and pre baroque bowed instruments, many of which have 6, 7 or even 9 strings. This arrangement ,with 6 strings (tuned hi E to low F) on a Cremonese violin form, was an attempt to produce an instrument with an extended range that was familiar in feel and comfortable to play for a violinist. Other than the neck, bass bar location and F hole style and placement , this instrument ‘s corpus is the same as a conventional violin. The bridge was based on my standard violin bridge pickup , redesigned for 6 strings. The fingerboard features a spruce core with an ebony veneer to keep the weight down to an optimal level. The instrument  also features geared tuning pins by Chuck Herin . These lightweight tuners provide stable tuning and eliminate the need for fine tuners at the tailpiece , keeping that component free from excessive weight and more free to add to the instruments response. The carved “Beast” peghead is reminiscent of the freedom of style seen in many early bowed instruments. While 6 string violin is not for everyone, in the hands of a creative musician, it offers far more range of expression and tone color while retaining the powerful singing voice of a fine violin. My work continues to progress with each instrument. My greatest pleasure is to hear them in use by the many fine musicians who are making such beautiful and expressive music with them.”


Other strongholds in Yannick’s gear are:

Violin by Wilhelm Paul Kunze built in 1912
Violin-bow built by Laszlo Tucsni. in 2000
The Moog Minitaur Synth Bass
Hugh Tracey Chromatic Alto Kalimba
The MF-102 Ring Modulator
The MF-103 12-Stage Phaser
The MF-105 Murf
The Etherwave Theremin
The Boss RC-300 Loopstation